Dear Pearl Health Community,

Living with COVID-19 has presented many challenges to our community and our clinic over the last few years. However, we are very proud of the efforts that each patient, staff member, and practitioner has made to create a safe and supportive environment to allow us to continue to provide our many services to each patient. We will continue to hold a high standard in providing evidence-informed education, and up to date information regarding COVID-19. Vaccination, boosters, and testing services will continue to be offered and available. Oregon’s rules for face coverings have evolved and are no longer required in the health care setting. It will be an option for our visitors to wear a face covering when in our clinic. However, we request that if you are ill or experiencing symptoms that you wear a covering to protect our staff, physicians, and providers. We are looking forward to seeing your smiling faces as we move forward to serve you and your health needs. 

Best wishes for health,

Elliot Taxman, ND, MS

Assistant Medical Director

Pearl Health Center

Protecting yourself and others from COVID-19

Educate yourself. Knowing how the virus spreads and how you can prevent transmission and slow the spread is key!

Wash hands often. At least every few hours and always after using the toilet, touching your face, coughing, sneezing, or blowing your nose, and touching surfaces outside your home

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Having symptoms, been exposed, or have concerns?

Call Pearl Health Center and schedule a COVID Consult to determine what testing, preventative practices, and supportive care is best for you.

Scheduling phone number: (503) 525-0090

No health insurance?

Pearl Health Center offers same day cash price discount. A COVID consult and test, if recommended, is $50. Payment is required prior to consult with Provider.