Naturopathic Medicine

The Pearl Health Center is proud to be able to offer naturopathic medical care. Our naturopathic physicians have completed a four-year naturopathic medical degree followed by an accredited residency program. Our practitioners are committed to providing evidence based primary care to our community. Each physician utilizes an integrative approach to manage and coordinate every patient’s unique journey to health. The providers are trained to take a wholistic approach to care while emphasizing comprehensive screenings and preventative services, as well as, support for chronic and acute illness. Each physician utilizes diagnostic testing to direct the implementation and management of pharmaceutical medications and other naturopathic treatments when appropriate for patient care. Come meet one of our naturopathic physicians today. 

The Six Naturopathic Principles of Healing

1) The healing power of nature

2) Identify and treat the cause

3) First do not harm

4) Treat the whole person

5) The physician as teacher

6) Prevention