Mental Health

Life can be stressful. We all experience times of emotional distress. However, when we have symptoms of insomnia, depression, stress, feelings of being overwhelmed, over/under eating, significant mood swings, or general lack of interest in usual activities lasting for more than three weeks this may be a sign of a treatable condition.

Modern science has identified the role of brain chemistry in contributing to these symptoms. There are many highly effective treatment approaches to help minimize or eliminate your symptoms. Each of our providers is happy to evaluate your symptoms and recommend treatment options.

What to expect from your Mental Health Visit:

A complete assessment of your concerns will be conducted. Medical causes such as hypothyroidism, iron deficiency anemia, malnutrition and lifestyle habits may be evaluated. You may be asked to complete standardized questionnaires to help with your diagnosis. Counseling sessions, pharmacology as well as recommendations for nutrition, exercise programs, and behavioral modification may be suggested.